Jason’s 40th Birthday Show!

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Saturday, July 22nd 4pm & 7pm (two shows)
Get tickets at Eventbrite here

Jason Brock (X-Factor finalist and 2-time Bestie Award winner) is turning 40! Please come celebrate (and sympathize with him) as he comes to terms with hitting the big four zero. He’ll do it in fun and in music, of course! You’ll hear the songs that he does best in this annual cabaret show that collects the most popular music in his shows.

Our special guest this show is the one and only Erin-Kate Whitcomb (Bay Area Critics Award Winner and also the daughter of the true Dame Edna in her tour)! Come see why she’s so loved!

On piano will be the SFSU Jazz Department founder herself, Dr. Dee Spencer! Jason & Dee have worked together over ten years and you can really sense the chemistry on stage.

Come celebrate Jason Brock’s birthday in music! No need for gifts – your gift is buying tickets to support and celebrate.

Get tickets at Eventbrite here