Recovering Christian: Jason Brock Goes Gospel

My mother has homophobic views that she bases on her religion. So much contradiction and conflict. Can I tell you the story about my life as it’s been affected by Christianity and Christian music (and my Christian family)? In my story there are nice parts and sad parts and even funny parts – some parts are even infuriating. But still, there are great Christian and Gospel songs. I really love them, even though the messages in the songs contradict my own beliefs. I think it’s because I grew up with them. Not to mention I come from a family of singer/songwriters where Christian music was played and created in my home. There’s a lot to share. Please come and hear my stories and songs and maybe you’ll be inspired – if nothing else, you’ll still laugh, have some good drinks and enjoy the music. Hope to see you there – the shows are in late March and if you buy before Feb 15, you get early bird pricing. Godspeed. <3 GET TICKETS HERE


San Francisco, CA – Martuni’s at 4 Valencia


  • Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 7pm
  • Sunday, March 25 at 7pm
  • Saturday March 31 at 7pm