February 17-28
Red Room
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Jason Returns to PV!
Wow! Jason had such a great run in Puerto Vallarta in 2014 that he's been invited to return in February of 2015! Check out his new show with pianist, Janette Mason.

Send Jason to Japan!
​Jason will perform in Japan and build connections with fans, music venues and performers there. Support his trip by donating! 
Weds, February 11, 7pm
Sat, Valentine's Day, 4pm
San Francisco, CA
Love is in the Air!
It's Marigold Fingers' second show already! She's singing about love, life and Wing Chen. She'll be singing a lot of standards and scatting (not THAT kind of scat). Bring a date!
Sat, March 21, 7pm
Jason Brock at Martuni's
San Francisco, CA
Come see Jason perform again at his beloved Martuni's where he got his start.