5 Huge Differences: Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response: Handling Coronavirus

Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response

Japan vs USA COVID-19 response – each country reacted to the coronavirus pandemic in different (and similar) ways. Has the US done better than Japan in handling the outbreak? Similarly, has Japan done things better? Jason Brock is a vlogger, entertainer and political science student. He has done some research and shared his thoughts on the subject of coronavirus. He focuses on five major differences between the two countries. They have had somewhat different responses to COVID-19.  In short, Jason Brock presents those differences here in this video.

About the Video

This video, Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response, explains five major differences in the response to coronavirus between the United States and Japan. Both countries have done things well – and not so well – in their approach to handling corona.

Both America and Japan did a lot of things to deal with the corona pandemic similarly (overall). Many countries have similarities in their responses, actually. But, between Japan and the US, five differences stood out. Those are explained in this video.

Topics compared are:
– Firstly, testing problems in America compared to Japan
– Secondly, social distancing differences (including aspects that are already a part of Japanese culture)
– Thirdly, behavior of US President Donald Trump vs JP Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
– Finally, mask distribution in Japan and the US total number of cases and deaths from coronavirus in Japan vs the United States.


Hopefully, this video, Japan vs USA COVID-19 response, was useful for you. To sum it up, it is meant to answer questions about the differences between the two countries during this terrible pandemic, coronavirus. Each country has handled the situation differently and also similarly. 

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…and here’s a message directly from Jason Brock!


A Message from Jason

Hey everyone!

I don’t usually do videos in this style. But, since I live in Japan, and I’m from the US, I couldn’t help but notice some differences. In other words, our two countries are responding to coronavirus rather differently.

So, I hope you find this interesting. If it makes you feel upset or anything, please let me know in the comments. I noticed that this video has made some people have strong feelings. Of course, that’s fine – it’s a sensitive subject, I know.

While making the video, Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response, I did research. I wanted to make sure what I was sharing was based in fact. You’ll see that I’ve shared things based on resources that are pretty reliable. Those resources are listed below.

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Much love & stay safe! This is a very tough time. However, I think it will be over soon!

Jason Brock



Watch the video here: Japan vs USA COVID-19: 5 Huge Differences

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Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response
Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response


About Jason Brock

Jason Brock X Factor Finalist is a singer, actor, entertainer, vlogger and political science student currently living in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, he was a finalist on the X-Factor. Also, he is a four-time winner of the “Best Male Cabaret Singer” in San Francisco (where he used to live).


Resources Used in Japan vs USA COVID-19 Video

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Hawaii (Honolulu) guidelines for social distancing (punishable by law): https://www.honolulu.gov/rep/site/may/may_docs/Emergency-Order-No.-2020-11.pdf

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US President Trump endorses hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus?: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/apr/06/coronavirus-cure-fact-check-hydroxychloroquine-trump

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Excess deaths (mortality rate for any cause of death) in US is up (CDC): https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm

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Mask shortages in the US during pandemic: https://time.com/5823983/coronavirus-ppe-shortage/

Japanese Government sends out masks to each household in Japan: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20200417_19/

Japan and America COVID-19 World Health Organization (WHO) Info: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

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