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Jason Brock concert Tokyo

Sunday, August 23, 2020: Jason Sings LIVE in Tokyo!

TICKETS HERE X-Factor Finalist and award-winning vocalist, Jason Brock, will perform live at piano bar, MyScotch, in Roppongi, Tokyo! He […]

Jason Brock sings Beauty and the Beast

Beauty & the Beast: Jason Brock’s Live Concert Version

Jason Brock Beauty and the Beast

10 Japanese Hand Gestures compared with America

Some Interesting Differences: Japanese Hand Gestures: 10 hand symbols compared to the US

Japanese Hand Gestures – they are often different from the hand signs used in other countries. Since Jason Brock is an American, he made this video to compare hand gestures between the United States and Japan. You can see Japanese hand signals for things like “OK” and “bad” in Japan (among many more). Then, you will see the US version of that gesture. It’s an interesting comparison!

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2020 Update! Life Since the X-Factor

Top 12 X-Factor finalist and award-winning singer, Jason Brock, talks about his life since the X-Factor. X-ファクターのジェイソン・ブロックはxファクター後で生活についてしゃべる。