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tokyo jazz concert online or in-person

X-Factor's Jason Brock & Ikumi Koyama Jazz Concert: Watch Streaming Online or In Person

Singer and pianist, Ikumi Koyama, joins X-Factor finalist and singer, Jason Brock, for a show of jazz standards. Their last performance in the Tokyo area was two years ago, and circumstances have allowed them to reunite and perform together again. Thus the title of the show, “Reunited in Jazz.”

weight before and after

My Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 90 lbs!

Well, I’ve lost a lot of weight – 90 lbs!! In this video I talk about my three year journey from 185 pounds to 198 lbs. It’s taken me a long time, but I’m so happy I was able to do it! I used diet only, at times, and exercise at times – and sometimes both. I also did various types of diets on the way.

I am 6’1″ and I was obese. Slowly I got down to the “overweight” category, and finally I arrived at a “normal” body weight. I successfully (practically) reversed diabetes, too. I have type 2 diabetes. My blood pressure is much lower, my cholesterol is lower, my sex life is better and SO much more..

I hope you find my weight loss journey interesting, inspiring and maybe helpful.

Osaka Museum of History Video Tour

Osaka Museum of History: Video Tour with Jason Brock

This is Jason Brock’s tour of the Osaka Museum of History in Osaka, Japan! Jason totally recommends visiting if you like museums, Japanese history, Osaka and/or just great views! In Jason’s opinion, the views were the best thing about the museum actually – but the history is great, too. 

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