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Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response

5 Huge Differences: Japan vs USA COVID-19 Response: Handling Coronavirus

Japan vs USA – each one responded to the coronavirus pandemic in different (and similar) ways. Has the US done better than Japan in handling the outbreak? What has Japan done well? Jason Brock (vlogger, entertainer and political science student) has done some research and shared his thoughts on five major differences between the two countries’ responses to COVID-19 which he presents in this video.

Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist

2020 Reaction: Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist Reacts to his OWN Audition

Jason Brock X-Factor finalist gives his 2020 reaction to his own XFactor audition. Hear Jason’s commentary on what really happened during the audition.

This video shows Jason Brock in 2020 watching his X-Factor audition from 2012 and giving his thoughts about what he was actually thinking at the time of the X Factor USA audition.

Jason Brock X Factor Finalist

Chicken Enchilada Soup Recipe

Jason Brock cooks a recipe for Chicken Enchilada Soup: Chicken Enchilada Soup – Jason’s First Cooking Video!

This is a video of Jason Brock making chicken enchilada soup. Since we’re all inside all the time during the coronavirus outbreak, why not make it yourself? Jason hasn’t actually done a cooking video before, but he hopes you enjoy his first one! 

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2020 Update! Life Since the X-Factor

Top 12 X-Factor finalist and award-winning singer, Jason Brock, talks about his life since the X-Factor. X-ファクターのジェイソン・ブロックはxファクター後で生活についてしゃべる。