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Living in Japan in a small $550/month apartment

My Tiny Tokyo Apartment for $550/Month: What living in Japan in a 180 sq ft place is like

Living in Japan is awesome, and X-Factor finalist Jason Brock is doing just that in a super tiny apartment in Tokyo (near Shinjuku) that is just 180 square feet (16.7 m2). But even though it’s small, it still gives an American foreigner a comfortable place to live in Japan. Jason only pays ¥60000 (~$550) per month for rent, and for him that’s a great deal!

Five reasons to move to Japan

Want to Move to Japan?: Living in Japan: My Top Five Reasons

Moving to Japan? That’s a big decision, but maybe a good one! Jason Brock has been living in Tokyo, Japan for the last two years or so. He decided to put together a list of his top five reasons for living in Japan.

X-Factor's Jason Brock Vlog on YouTube

X-Factor Finalist Jason Brock: First Vlog: Number One

X-Factor’s Jason Brock starts Vlog on YouTube. YouTube Vloggers are everywhere, and Jason Brock wanted to join in. Watch his video to see his personal life in vlog form.

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