Jason Brock Left Japan and Lives in the US Again

Jason Brock 2024

Hey everyone. It’s me Jason Brock, the former X-Factor finalist, Arizona Gay Idol, 4-Time Best Male Cabaret Singer in San Francisco award-winner (not listing these for vanity, but actually search engines lol FYI). I was also an actor and singer in Japan and was featured in quite a few TV commercials, dramas, movies and music videos (one of my favorites was a commercial for IDEX).

I just wanted to post a 2024 update, because some people still come to my website to see what’s going on with me. Unfortunately this website needs some work, but that’s another topic lol.

Where Is Jason Brock Now?

I’m currently living in San Francisco, CA — the same place I lived before I moved to Tokyo about five years ago. I was thinking of moving to LA, but I couldn’t figure out a way to make that work. I thought LA might be good for the entertainment side of my career.

Why Did Jason Leave Japan?

I left Japan because I didn’t have a sponsor for my visa. I had to get a new visa every year I was living in Tokyo, and the last year I wasn’t working for a company that could sponsor me. I was working, but it was as an independent contractor (acting, singing, writing). It really sucked, because I wanted to stay, but I couldn’t find a way to get sponsored. Also, I thought maybe it was time to return to the US. The pay over there is low compared to the US (on the other hand, the cost of living in the US is very high). It was also great to see my family again after not seeing them the whole time I lived there.

Will Jason Brock Keep Performing in 2024?

Yes! I have already done a couple of shows this year in the US (my own concert in San Francisco, and a guest appearance in Palm Springs). I’m performing at Eastern Sierra Pride at the end of May/beginning of June and tentatively singing with an ensemble cast in June/July (San Francisco). I also plan to do my own concert again in SF (and possibly beyond) once or twice — even considering a weekly show with my friend and pianist, Dee Spencer. Who knows!

Is Jason’s Health Okay?

Anyway, the cancer hasn’t grown AT ALL for about three years (I think that’s how long we’ve known about it). I’m not to worried, but we will be keeping an eye on it, and I’m taking some thyroid medicine too keep my levels normal, too.

Otherwise my health is better than when I lived in the US before! You know I lost a lot of weight in Japan (gained a little back, but not nearly all). Somehow I haven’t gained weight here in the US — I’ve actually lost a few kilos (6-7 lbs)!

Yes, thankfully the doctors in America have a different view on my thyroid cancer. The doctors in Tokyo wanted to remove my thyroid completely, but my US doctors just want to monitor it. They said it’s so small that they wouldn’t even have biopsied it here! Isn’t that strange that we take such a different approach?

And That’s a Wrap

Okay, I don’t know what else to update you with at the moment, but thanks for reading this. I’m about to go for a walk with the SF Frontrunners (been involved with them for many years). Hope you have a nice day/night wherever you are. Love you Japan, Love you America, Love you World! Muah!

PS: I know this website is slow as molasses lately. I’m going to look into that. I’m a one-man operation, though, so I don’t exactly have an IT person to fix everything for me. I just do it when I have time. Thanks and sorry!

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