X-Factor’s Jason Brock: A Little Update — August 2023

Jason Brock from the X-Factor at a river on Enoshima Beach, Japan, August 2023

Hey, it’s me again — Jason Brock from the X-Factor. Just wanted to give y’all a little update on what I’m up to lately. I’m still living in Japan and just moved to a new apartment! Actually I love the new place, although it was not so nice dealing with my annoying neighbors at the old place.

Jason Brock at the Yosakoi festival in Chofu, Tokyo, Japan, August 2023.

Neighbors Complaining about Non-Existent Noise

So yeah, I was living at my old apartment (about a month ago), and everything was fine for the first year. That’s a long time, right? I didn’t think I’d have any problems at that place. But, for some reason my neighbors started complaining about noise coming from my apartment (actually I had a “mansion” in Japanese).

I was totally surprised by this, because I am generally a pretty quiet person — plus, I live alone! I rarely even have guests over, and if I do, we don’t listen to loud music or anything like that. It was perplexing.

They Called the Landlord

They started by calling the landlord, who then called my rental agency, who then contacted me. No, they couldn’t be bothered to talk to me personally (which, honestly, I sort of get — I don’t like confrontation either). But, if I had the choice, I would have preferred them to have come to me personally.

They Called the Police

Anyway, after calling the landlord so many times and not getting what they wanted (which I guess was just to get me out of the apartment?), they started calling the police! I found this outrageous. I was watching my iPad at normal volumes (I thought) in my kitchen, and “ding-dong” the doorbell rings. It was the police… I was like, “Why are you here?” And, they said that the neighbors made a noise complaint — about my little iPad. I was like, “Okay, but it’s just 3pm, and this is not that loud.” The police just said, “Be careful.” lol So ridiculous — they wouldn’t even admit to understanding my logic about the time of day and the small amount of noise (normal amount) I was making.

Had to Move!

So anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, I had to move to a new place. The neighbors continued calling the cops and the landlord for a whole year, and the landlord decided not to renew my lease. Why was I harassed like this? I don’t know. It wasn’t the “noise.” I think it might have actually been about me being a foreigner or being gay — or maybe they’re just bored assholes. Who knows. The good news is that after my expensive more, I’m happy with my new place!

Enoshima Beach, Japan, August 2023

Went to Enoshima Beach

This year I was determined to go to the beach during the month of August. Why? Because that’s like when Japanese people “officially” go to the beach (I think maybe July, too, but whatever). I loved it! The view was fantastic (the sky, the beach — and definitely the boys). In fact, my server was so nice (and hot). I thought maybe he was flirting with me, but that probably just fantasy on my part.

I walked around a bit, had a couple of drinks and even ate some yakisoba. It was a hot day, but sitting in one of the beach house restaurant/bars it wasn’t so bad. Plus, there was a nice breeze. Glad I was able to go this year!

Got Sick

After moving, unpacking and all that, unfortunately I got a cold. I wonder if it was COVID? I really don’t know, but it was bad. They doctor gave me all kinds of medicine for it, but didn’t test me for corona. A few of my friends have gotten it (that I didn’t have contact with — just heard on Facebook). I wonder if it’s having a resurgence? Anyway, feeling a lot better now!

Thinking about the Future (YouTube)

Lately, for my musical and entertainment career, I’ve been thinking about YouTube. I really want to work on my LoveHateJapan channel. For a while I had mixed content on my Jason Brock channel with music, opinions, travel and pretty much everything in between. But, I think it’s a better idea to keep the Jason Brock channel focused on music and entertainment related (or at least adjacent) content. I’d like to post stuff about Japan on the LoveHateJapan channel — which does exist! It just doesn’t have content yet. What can I say, I’m working as a writer and have deadlines, so I don’t always have time for personal projects.

Jason Brock having a drink (frozen daiquiri) at Aiiro Cafe in Shinjuku 2-Chome, Tokyo, Japan, August 2023.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that’s about it for an update on my life right now. This is a more recent update — I did another one a couple of months ago recapping the last year (or so). What does the future hold for me? I’m not sure. I’m focused mostly on writing right now, but I’m also wondering how long my visa will last. I also wonder about relationships — will I meet someone to be with long-term? Am I forever destined to be single? Who knows.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day/night wherever you are. Thanks for caring enough to read this, and consider supporting me on Patreon if you’re a big fan of my music/entertainment.

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