Jason Brock: Where Is the X-Factor Finalist Now? 2023 Update

Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist

Hey, it’s me – Jason Brock from the X-Factor. This is my 2023 update on me and my life since I did the reality singing TV show. I’ve had some tough times lately, but of course, not all bad. I did my annual holiday show (online) in December of 2022, I’m still dealing with thyroid cancer, and I’ve done some TV and music work, as well.

I’ve gone through some changes in my personal life (relationship) and started and left an English teaching job. Recently, I’ve started writing professionally (again), and I’m really trying to find the motivation to be more creative and productive with YouTube and music. So, without further ado, here we go! PS – if you want to see my 2023 update in video form, check it out here.

Where Has Jason Brock Been?

X-Factor Finalist Jason Brock 2023
2023 photo of X-Factor Finalist Jason Brock

I’ve been doing music, TV, theatre and more since I finished the X-Factor. Right after the X-Factor, I worked as a full-time musician (and actor) for about three years. I am still proud of of that. After that, though, the work started to dry up, and I had to get a “real job.” I was back in tech. And if you saw my audition on the X-Factor, you know that I was working in tech support and technical writing before I did the TV show.

I never stopped doing music (and sometimes acting) though. I kept working and doing concerts even though I also worked a full-time job. Luckily, I met a guy who I fell in love with, and he supported me in going back to school to get my degree. So thankful for that. Even back in university, I found a way to keep my entertainment career going. It was my passion, but I had also developed an interest in government and politics (possibly as a career).

Why Did Jason Brock Move to Japan?

Why did I decide to move to Japan? Good question. I decided that I wanted to do something different. In San Francisco, life was not bad, but I was feeling stagnant. I also wanted to get a study abroad experience before I died.

Yes, that’s right! I finished university only two years ago and got my bachelor’s degree in Political Science. It was important to me to get a degree for future professional possibilities, so I did it! Part of that was my studying abroad in Japan. I just ended up liking it here and staying. So, here I am – still living in Tokyo.

How Is Jason Brock’s Career Going Now?

Well, my career is pretty slow right now to be honest. I mean, I’m getting occasional work in music and TV. Check out my videos on it, if you’re interested. I have one video on my TV and music work in Japan and another about my entire music career so far.

X-Factor Finalist Jason Brock on 2022 Japanese TV Show as Santa Claus
X-Factor Finalist, Jason Brock, on 2022 Japanese TV Show as Santa Claus.

My last TV appearance was in December 2022 on a Japanese Christmas TV show with anime voice talent (pretty interesting). I was Santa Claus (see above). I did a voice acting gig for a video game a couple months ago, as well. Also, I am planning an upcoming concert, but I don’t have details yet. I’m still brainstorming on what kind of show to do – and where. Hopefully in Shinjuku’s gay district, Ni-Chōme.

Has Jason Brock Made any Music Lately?

I’m happy to say that I did release a single last year (in 2022)! The song was released with singer Yui Stonewell, and it’s called “nothing” (yes, that is supposed to be lowercase). I co-wrote it with Yui, and it was a cool experience to record it with her.

Actually, when I found her Instagram, I was so impressed with her singing that when she asked me to work with her, it was an immediate and easy YES! You can listen to our song, “nothing,” it on Spotify, Apple Music (and all the music services) or see the lyric video on YouTube.

Does Jason Brock Have Cancer?

Okay, this is the tough part – maybe the toughest part to write about. Yes I have cancer, which you may have heard in an update from me before. My thyroid cancer is still not gone – not because it’s inoperable, but just because I can’t have the operation yet.

I can’t explain exactly why I can’t get the operation here, because I’m not allowed to talk about it (contracts). Just know that I really want to get my cancer removed, but there are certain qualifications at the hospital that I have to meet before getting surgery.

Unfortunately, I just can’t meet those requirements at this time. I wish I could say more, but this is all because of me and the rules of the hospital. The good news is that my cancer is not growing, nor has it grown at all in the past two years. However, it’s a stress on me – and I just have to make a change in my life to get this done. Please wish me well.

Does Jason Brock Have a Boyfriend?

Why do I talk about all my personal stuff on the internet? I guess I’ve always been pretty public about my life, and I haven’t given an update on my relationship status in a while. So, here goes.

I had a boyfriend for two years, and he was great. However, about a year ago, I broke up with him. It was really hard (like, isn’t it always?), but I’ve gotten through it. I’m now officially single, but don’t worry – I have some fun! (wink, wink)

What Will Jason Brock Do in the Future?

Well, I plan to get my surgery to get my cancer removed, first of all. I also plan to work more – both in the “real job” way (mainly as a writer) and in the entertainment way. I have motivation at this very moment to do more YouTube and at least one new single this year. Also, I will definitely do my holiday concert (do them every year!) and hopefully one show this summer. I guess it’s possible I could find a boyfriend, too? It’s hard to say what the future holds, but I will be doing my best. It’s been tough lately, so I’m just hoping things will get better than they are now.

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