Jason shares thoughts on 2021 and the new year so far: First Vlog of 2022

Jason Brock X Factor 2022 First Vlog

Hey Everyone,

It’s a new year – 2022 – and I’m so glad. 2021 was not exactly a good year for me. In fact, it was one of the most stressful I can remember lately. Anyway, I am feeling a bit better so far in the new year, and I hope it keeps heading in a positive direction (for me personally). Some things are out of our control though, and it looks like the pandemic is one of those things – STILL. What can we do. Just do our best and push through it.

Anyway, I uploaded a video to YouTube with my more thorough thoughts about 2021 & 2022. Please check it out if you want to know how it went for me last year, and this year (so far).

Thank you!


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