This is a funny version of "I Have Nothing" from the Bodyguard: Coronavirus Song – New Parody of Whitney Houston

Coronavirus Parody "I Have Nothing (Else to Do)"

Coronavirus… ugh. Is anyone else totally sick of staying home?

This is a parody about being inside all the time during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s called “I Have Nothing” (Else to Do), originally performed by Whitney Houston in the film “The Bodyguard.” Jason sings about everything he’s done to kill the time while staying in during this corona pandemic.

Jason has always been a fan of Whitney Houston. You could say she was a vocal role model for him. However, he would never dare to say he could sing as well as her. This song is supposed to be funny, but also, Jason truly loves and respects Whitney Houston (despite her problems that were so well publicized).

If you like the video and it makes you laugh, please share it with friends! We could all use some humor, right?

Stay safe, and let’s hope we get through with COVID-19 soon!

Oh, and here’s a message directly from Jason!

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for watching my new coronavirus parody of “I Have Nothing.” I hope you laugh! I spent quite a bit of time on it. This is probably the most time I ever spent on a YouTube video, actually.

If you like it, please share it, like it, subscribe – this will help me share my music and stuff so I can make more! Also, please leave a comment with your thoughts and feedback (good or bad).

All of you bored people (like me) who have done everything you can think of to kill the time, maybe you can relate! I literally listed everything I’ve done lately. I’m so sick of staying inside.

I hope this shelter in place stuff will be over soon, and we will be free to go outside and spread other diseases and viruses that aren’t as deadly (like the good old flu!).

But seriously, take care and stay safe!


Watch the video here:
Coronavirus “I Have Nothing” Parody

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Jason is a singer, actor, entertainer, vlogger, etc currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He was a finalist on the X-Factor and four-time winner of the “Best Male Cabaret Singer” in San Francisco (where he used to live).


jason (at) jasonbrockvocals (dot) com

Coronavirus Parody "I Have Nothing (Else to Do)"
Whitney Houston parody of “I Have Nothing” by Jason Brock (coronavirus)

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