My Tiny Tokyo Apartment for $550/Month: What living in Japan in a 180 sq ft place is like

Living in Japan in a small $550/month apartment

Living in Japan

Living in Japan is awesome, and X-Factor finalist Jason Brock is doing just that in a super tiny apartment in Tokyo (near Shinjuku) that is just 180 square feet (16.7 m2). But even though it’s small, it still gives an American foreigner a comfortable place to live in Japan. Jason only pays ¥60000 (~$550) per month for rent, and for him that’s a great deal!

Utility Prices and Train Station Proximity

Utilities are not included in the rent, but that only costs about ¥10000 per month (that’s about $90.00 at the moment?). He’s also about a twelve minute walk from the nearest train station – not too bad, but if you want to live closer to a station the prices tend to go up.

The Tokyo Apartment Tour

If you’ve wondered what it would be like to live in Tokyo or anywhere in Japan, this video will at least give you a better idea of how it works. Jason gives a full tour of the inside of his apartment – from bathroom to “kitchen” to living room to “bedroom” and hallway. Yeah, some of those are in quotes because they are really in the same room.

The Video

Anyway, check out the video and see Jason’s Tokyo apartment near Shinjuku for under $600.00 a month!

VIDEO HERE, or click the video below. Thanks!


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About Jason Brock

Jason Brock X Factor Finalist is a singer, actor, entertainer, vlogger and political science student currently living in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, he was a finalist on the X-Factor. Also, he is a four-time winner of the “Best Male Cabaret Singer” in San Francisco (where he lived for 11 years). Get more info about Jason here.

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