2020 Reaction: Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist Reacts to his OWN Audition

Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist

Jason Brock X-Factor 2012 finalist, gives his reaction (in 2020) to his own XFactor audition. Hear Jason’s commentary on what really happened during the audition.

About the Video

This video shows Jason Brock watching his X-Factor audition and giving his thoughts about what he was actually thinking at the time. There are many people who ask Jason about the audition – was that your Japanese boyfriend? Is Simon really that mean? What was Britney Spears like? Jason finally takes the time to sit down and answer these questions and much more in this new video.

When Jason Brock was on the X-Factor, he had never experienced fame before – at least not at that level. Suddenly he found himself on national (global) television! It was a huge, but amazing, shock for him – and a moment that changed his life forever.

When the judges (Simon Cowell, LA Reid, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears) told him they loved what he had done (basically) in the audition, it really changed Jason’s perspective. He felt truly validated by the music and television industry for the first time in his life. 

However, what you may not know is what was really happening leading up to the audition. The famous audition video shows Jason in a particular way – the way the TV show wanted to portray him. But Jason actually had experiences and feelings that were not shown on the audition clip.

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…and here’s a message directly from Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist!


From Jason Brock

Hey everyone!

I’ve been thinking about about doing a reaction or commentary to my own 2012 XFactor audition video on YouTube for a LONG time, but never actually did it. Finally it’s here!

You can see my own reactions to my audition, and I’ll tell you what was REALLY going on behind the scenes (and behind the editing). Reality shows (singing competitions included) have to make things interesting. Actually, I think X Factor did a great job of that! But, there’s a lot that you don’t see.

I hope this commentary gives you a bit of perspective on what it was really like to audition for the X-Factor (and become a finalist later). Honestly, it was an incredible moment in my life. These superstar judges, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato & LA Reid. Actually, they changed the whole direction of my career.

Thank you for still being interested in me! I really appreciate you. Also, if you’re feeling generous, please join my fan club to support my work. This helps me to make things like: new music, more videos, new equipment and live concerts: https://www.patreon.com/jasonbroccoli

Oh, and he original audition video “Meet Jason Brock X-Factor USA 2012” can be watched here if you’re interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpbCcwmSf74

Much love & stay safe!

PS – Special thanks to my “Brockstar” patron on Patreon, G.F., for your support!!

Jason Brock X Factor Finalist


Watch the video here:
Jason Brock Reacts to his Own X-Factor Audition

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Jason Brock X Factor Finalist is a singer, actor, entertainer, vlogger, etc currently living in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, he was a finalist on the X-Factor and four-time winner of the “Best Male Cabaret Singer” in San Francisco (where he used to live).


jason (at) jasonbrockvocals (dot) com

Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist reacts to his own X Factor audition
Jason Brock X-Factor Finalist reacts to his own X Factor audition

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